Insurance Solutions and Resolutions

Insurance Solutions and Resolutions

Sandy Ray, Insurance Patient Advocate

Making Sure You Get What You Are Entitled To From Your Insurance Company   

What I Will Do For You

Review And Verify Insurance Claims

Provide advocacy and facilitate services for insurance billing questions and concerns.  Contact the Insurance Company, Doctor, Dentist or Hospital regarding any discrepancies or questions.  File appeals if necessary.

Analysis and Authenticate EOB

EOB's (explanation of benefits) are verified for coding accuracy and are confirmed that services were provided. Verification from doctors, dentists, hospitals and any additional medical service providers are made.

Reliable Patient Service

I develop a trusted confidential relationship with my clients. I explain what an explanation of benefits is, and its importance, so together we can work towards a resolution. I offer my clients calm problem-solving sessions and maintain a strict code of confidentiality when viewing explanation of benefits, billing and insurance matters. 

Patient Insurance Advocate

Are you getting everything you're entitled to from your insurance company?

Let me help you . . . I will be your advocate and get you what you are entitled to.

I have worked in the medical and dental field in a financial and management capacity for more than 20 years.  In 2002 I became owner of Insurance Solutions and Resolutions to advocate for individuals needing assistance with navigating the complicated maze of health care and dental insurance, hospital bills, documents, statements, and explanation of benefits. It is very rewarding working with my clients providing solutions, resolving their financial insurance concerns, and providing answers to their questions. 


Why do patients need advocates?  I thought doctors, nurses and other providers offered those types of care and services? 

Doctors, nurses and other providers find constraints on their work and abilities that preclude them from being devoted to one patient’s needs.Those providers work with hundreds or thousands of patients, dozens every day.  A private advocate focuses on that one patient at a time who needs his or her help. 

Aren’t there patient advocates in hospitals and insurance companies? How are private advocates different?

Just as providers have an allegiance to their employer, so do hospital and insurance company advocates.  The only person who can and will focus solely on the patient is a private, independent patient advocate. 

Who pays for the advocates' services?


Private professional patient advocates are usually paid directly by the patient or his caregiver.  Some employers have begun providing patient advocacy support to their employees, and some labor unions and churches are providing this type of support as well.   


What is a EOB (explanation of benefits)?

The EOB is not a bill. It simply explains how your benefits were applied to that particular claim. It includes the date you received the service, the amount billed, the amount covered, the amount paid and any balance you're responsible for paying the provider. It also tells you how much has been credited toward any required deductible.  Each time you receive an EOB, review it closely and compare it to the receipt or statement from the provider.

My provider sent me a statement, but I do not have my EOB from my insurance, should I pay it? 

No! Before paying your provider, compare your Explanation of Benefits to the bill from the provider, to make sure the provider posted the payment and any adjustments correctly.  

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